03 September 2008

monkey see, monkey don't go there

The Republicans are pulling it out of their (collective) asses. They are so desperate to win this November that they are attempting to reinvent "Hillary". For the record Sarah Palin is no Hillary. However she might be a female version of Pat Robertson or James Dobson. Actually I think she is more dangerous than those two. No choice for abortion EVER - even in cases of rape and incest. She does not believe in equal rights for GLBT persons. Approves teaching creationism in our Science classrooms, banning books, abstinence-only sex education, drilling in ANWAR and home schooling. She endorses aerial hunting of wolves and bear. Proclaims herself as a hunter and outdoors woman but cares nothing about the environment or conservation. In fact she does not believe global warming is man-made and does not think polar bears are endangered. She is a rabid fundamentalist evangelical christian who truly believes "God" is on her side. If McCain equals 4 more years of Bush I truly wonder what 4 or 8 years of Sarah Palin is equal to... I hope we never find out.