06 September 2013

Until the other shoe drops...

So, a surprise.

I went to bed on Saturday 11 April in the throes of one of the longest and deepest depressions I've had in a very long time. And on Sunday 12 April I awoke to... no depression. There was no slow shifting change it was just  - BAM - I feel like nothing was ever wrong.

This lasted until the weekend of my cousin's wedding June 27 to July 1st - when it started to get a little murky and by the time we arrived home I was in complete meltdown. Go figure. Since then it's been up and down with melancholia straight thru the center. I tend to think that the latter part is related to a physical ailment - more tired than usual and blue toes. The doctors took a ton of blood and ruled out Lupus, auto-immune diseases in general, rheumatoid issues but now are looking at thyroid. Thank you Lithium if it is. Won't know the results for a bit.