11 August 2011

Here's Where It Gets Messy

“Do not presume, well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed, to criticize the poor”
 - Herman Melville

You are disabled. $950.00 per month that is what you are to live on. No part-time job or side-job to help out. You are eligible for Medicare but not Medicaid - you make too much to qualify. Medicare is better than nothing but you are responsible for the difference after Medicare declares what they will pay.  No supplemental insurance available at a reasonable price because you are not a senior citizen. Medicare Part D does help with your meds... some. Generics no problem. Name brand is a little iffy. Most times 'step-therapy' allows you the name-brand drug you need but sometimes you need a note from your doctor saying no other drug has worked for you. The best part is the following year you may have to switch insurance companies and you go thru the whole process again.(Difficult for physically disabled - a nightmare for  mentally ill disabled) Your choice for housing is simple - Section 8 (subsidized by the government) or live with a relative or friend. 

I'm 42 and I live with my Mom. I'm BiPolar. The longest I've held down a full time job was about 2 years. The last time I held a job was 2000. The last time I was hospitalized was 2011. The longest I was hospitalized was 6 months - that was 1994-95. That was a private hospital and then a state hospital once my insurance ran out.