30 November 2013

Here's where it gets fuzzy

Here's where it gets fuzzy. How does one build a strong nation while tearing out the underpinnings of its people most in need of protection? Disabled, unemployed, homeless, sick, mentally ill, poor, uneducated and elderly.These are all Americans just as much as the wealthy, the arrogant, the privileged. I question the veracity of the claim that I am less an American because I am disabled, gay, a woman, mentally ill, unemployed or because I do not hold to religious beliefs especially the notion that this is a christian nation. I am intelligent and educated. I am a voracious reader and I work hard to expand my knowledge to the greatest extent possible. I read texts that I may not necessarily agree with but fill the need of broadening my views whether thru affirmation or negation. I cannot understand people who do not wish to educate themselves - to further their knowledge. Why do some wish to wallow in ignorance, a cage of their own making, and even try to prison others in it? I told you it got fuzzy.