29 February 2008

People are all the same

No matter how long I live I will never understand people. Just when I think I've met people who are not(or are less) predjudiced you turn around and WHAM! aww shit I'm so tired of all this crap. Why do people have to be so divisive? Why does one group always have to claim superiority? I know I'm rambling. Actually I'm more than a little depressed. Maybe I'm delusional. Maybe I'm full of self-loathing and self-pity. I really hate this.

21 February 2008

Where is the love?

I originally posted this to Internet Infidels Discussion Board in the General Religious Discussions within the thread "God is Love".

"If God is love why do so many religions fight over him? Is there not enough love to go around? In a conversation I had with my father I made the assertion that no one religion should really think they have the lock-on with God. My premise being if all religions believe in some form of a God then they should accept (isn't that a part of love?) that others faith can be as valid as their own. To which my father (a Roman-Catholic) replied "I agree with you but unless they believe in Jesus they will never see God's face." I asked him how he knew this. His answer "Jesus said so in the Bible." Where is the love?"

Is my belief less credible cause it's not yours?

This is taken from an ongoing email discussion I am having with a good friend who is a born-again christian. I am agnostic.

"This is where I stand today.
Agnostic - believe in God/higher power, believe in God driven Evolution, do not believe in an historical Jesus (no contemporaneous proof), the bible is a fictional book with some factual elements. It was meant to act as guidelines for a primitive people although some of it is still relevant today. I believe the stories are a by-product of multi-cultures across many centuries. I base my beliefs on 95% science and history and 5% faith. I believe in respecting others Religious beliefs especially when they don't jive with mine because I want the same in return.
I would never judge another belief system unless it was truly harmful (physically/mentally) and I really do expect the same in return .... haven't gotten that a lot. Anyway I have been doing more and more reading, research, talking and observing."

18 February 2008

My 1st Try

I've never done this before so bear with me. I'm putting out my thoughts and views on what's important to me. So I need a second to collect my thoughts - I'll be right back.