17 January 2009


For whatever reason I have become addicted to Sudoku. I started doing the one in the morning paper every morning. It drives me crazy if I can't solve it before the next paper comes.

03 January 2009


   My Dad has cancer. Again. Lymph nodes and liver - spread from his bladder. The bladder cancer was over  7 yrs ago but one lil cell has been tooling along looking for a place to set shop up. He's doing chemo - he was bad for about 1 week but he's doing a bit better.
When I was a child I would make him march up and down our driveway with me.  Practice for someday when I got married.  Well I'm not even close to being married. There was one thing I never practiced with him - the father/daughter dance(he dislikes dancing). I asked him last week if when he felt stronger we could have that dance. He said yes and on New Years Eve we had our dance. I cried the whole time, but I was also very happy. So no matter how this ends up my Dad danced with me on my wedding.