28 September 2009


My Dad passed Monday - 7 September 2009 at 2:15 p.m.. He was fine and then it all began to unravel. He was hospitalized 1 September for dehydration and low blood pressure(60/45) and just steadily worsened. He was in so much pain - the cancer had returned to his liver and lymph nodes with a vengeance. My sister and my aunt arrived the day before he died. He recognized them and was very happy to see them. From Friday night to even after he passed there was a steady stream of friends and neighbors with my Mom and me. Constant phone calls from friends and relatives up North were a needed crutch as well. He was loved by young and old and was never malicious in his actions to others. My Father was a kind, generous and happy man. Although he had a full life ( 68 years ) I feel he deserved more - that we deserved more.