25 June 2011

Sometimes 6th place is impressive too

New York State became the 6th state to legalize gay marriage on Friday 24 June 2011. 
Gay Rights are Human Rights
Human Rights are Equal Rights

19 June 2011

What Soap Is For The Body...

The affects that mental illness, specifically bipolar, have on us. My dealings have spanned almost 3 decades starting in high school and ending in disability. Untold doctors, meds and hospitalizations have littered my life along with loss of jobs, friends and family. This is not an easy life. It is painful. And sad. While there are good times as well I would not wish this on anyone.

05 June 2011

Medusa's Ugly Head

I wish it were that simple. If I could look at my reflection and turn to stone. Of course it would be my luck to spend eternity still thinking(obsessing) in my head about why I'm so messed up. The flip side of my Bipolar is smiling thru all the tears.

An Atheist Who Quotes the Bible More Than X-tians Do

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