13 July 2012

Bipolar Me

I feel the facade falling. I can't feel my own self anymore. I'm so empty but yet I'm speeding along in my mind. I'm tired. I want it to end. I'm so tired.The tears are falling - non-stop rain in my life... my heart. Banging, pounding in my head, my heart.

You are gone. You don't matter. Never have. Never will. Fuck you.

I need to get away from the ignorance. The stupidity. The intolerance. The hatred. The indifference.

Music makes life        come alive    fly    with me  it's not much     further   freedom      life   peace.

I need this feeling.................. it's been stolen for too long................. emptiness invades  a thief a robber

Bring me his head on a silver platter. Burn the heretics. Do it in the name of no one. It matters not cause no one will remember the importance. They will remember the horror. They will remember the hate. They will judge the past without an eye on the present.
The only thing that will matter is they are right, correct, just and only they are.
Everyone else is not.   There is only their truth. The truth.  Everywhere.

Words.     love  life  emptiness hate.  Shattered broken intelligence

             plausible deniability

s i g h

I don't know where this will end up. It's crazy - just fucking crazy. 
My life, this country, people in general.
Just tired and a little sad.