28 September 2009


My Dad passed Monday - 7 September 2009 at 2:15 p.m.. He was fine and then it all began to unravel. He was hospitalized 1 September for dehydration and low blood pressure(60/45) and just steadily worsened. He was in so much pain - the cancer had returned to his liver and lymph nodes with a vengeance. My sister and my aunt arrived the day before he died. He recognized them and was very happy to see them. From Friday night to even after he passed there was a steady stream of friends and neighbors with my Mom and me. Constant phone calls from friends and relatives up North were a needed crutch as well. He was loved by young and old and was never malicious in his actions to others. My Father was a kind, generous and happy man. Although he had a full life ( 68 years ) I feel he deserved more - that we deserved more.

12 June 2009

Just Look for the Union Label

So Dad got a clean bill of health from his oncologist (as clean as you can get after 3 bouts w/ cancer). Going North to bury my Gram next week. Can't wait to be around some slightly more sane people. The neurosurgeon gave me the all clear. Eight months since the surgery looking good and feeling good. More later - I'm beat.

17 January 2009


For whatever reason I have become addicted to Sudoku. I started doing the one in the morning paper every morning. It drives me crazy if I can't solve it before the next paper comes.

03 January 2009


   My Dad has cancer. Again. Lymph nodes and liver - spread from his bladder. The bladder cancer was over  7 yrs ago but one lil cell has been tooling along looking for a place to set shop up. He's doing chemo - he was bad for about 1 week but he's doing a bit better.
When I was a child I would make him march up and down our driveway with me.  Practice for someday when I got married.  Well I'm not even close to being married. There was one thing I never practiced with him - the father/daughter dance(he dislikes dancing). I asked him last week if when he felt stronger we could have that dance. He said yes and on New Years Eve we had our dance. I cried the whole time, but I was also very happy. So no matter how this ends up my Dad danced with me on my wedding.