12 July 2011

I just sent this to Sen. Burr & Rep. Jones (R) of NC:

I am on disability and receive about $900 a month. If I do not get my check it will be more than a little bit of an inconvenience  for me as I have doctor bills to pay, medication to buy, food I would like to buy and eat in order to survive and rent to pay so as to keep a roof over my head. As it is I just make it month to month. I hope you can find the room in your overpaid, well-insured heart to think for a moment about the people of North Carolina who depend on their Social Security to survive.
I'm curious as to if you will be supplying room and board to those of your constituents who end up in collection, foreclosure and/or out on the street due to your "compassionate conservatism".  Stop trying to embarrass the President and do the job you are paid to do - represent ALL the people of North Carolina not just the corporations and your interests..

Thank you for your time.