05 March 2011

This is from a post on Facebook

This is from a post on Facebook:
New Hampshire’s legislature is likely to hold a vote to repeal the state’s law permitting same-sex marriage next January, a development that would force the GOP presidential field to confront the issue on the eve of the first-in-the-nation primary.

A recent move guarantees the gay marriage bills will come up for a vote in the state House in 2012.

Biff C. THERE IS NO SUCH A UNION AS HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. Marriage is a natural union between a male and female. Please obey the natural law.Man to lie down with man is unnatural,unproductive.

Jacqueline G.
‎@ Biff C. -- Dear Biff, Please try to pull it together. Your insecurities and irrational fears make you a rather unproductive member of our society. You need to step out of the dark ages and realize different does not equal dangerous. Gay people do not pose a threat to you - except maybe in your mind. Love is a good thing that should be celebrated. Ignorance, whether willful or not, is a dangerous tool. Try to be more enlightened. Accept people for who they are not what your perception of them may be. Educate yourself outside of the closed minded religious box you exist in. Be aware that it is 2011 not 1120 and the majority of society does not look to outdated religious texts for moral guidance anymore.