13 June 2016

The Bern of Revolution

Are you still feeling the Bern?
Senator Sanders campaign was not about one man bringing about change, he said it himself, it is about all the people coming together for a revolution. A revolution does not end if its leader needs to step aside - it grows stronger because we must ensure that our collective voices are heard. Bernie is NOT going anywhere and neither should we. It's not what he wants. He knows that only together can we defeat Trump, the GOP and hold onto everything that the liberal/progressive agenda stands for. If we really believe in Bernie's message, then we will not only vote in November but we will carry Senator Sander's (and our) agenda to the Democratic Convention and everyplace there is for us to spread the word. Clinton may be the standard bearer, but she will acknowledge and further our agenda if we speak out and not let what is important to us fall by the wayside. Use social media, sign petitions, march, write snail mail, use the cell phone that's attached to your face - speak out to what is important to you! The power for change lies in all of us so get off your ass and quit whining that you have no reason to vote. You have plenty of reasons to get out there and the major one is that your forefathers got you free from English rule so that you could have freedom from tyranny - by not voting you cast a vote for a new tyranny in the name of Donald Trump.

If I'm not convincing then take it from Bernie Sanders:

[EXCERPT] "Donald Trump is running a campaign based on bigotry, which is hard to understand that can still be happening in the year 2016," Sanders said. "After all this party has gone through for hundreds of years trying to combat discrimination. ... It is not acceptable to me that he is running a campaign trying to demonize Mexicans and Muslims, women or African Americans. I will do everything I can, and I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone behind me, to see that he will be defeated."
Sanders said he and the group of advisers concluded that "political revolutions" — which he has called his campaign from the beginning — are not dependent on election days.
"This country faces enormous crises and we together are going to do our best to transform this country by bringing millions and millions of people into the political process," Sanders said. "If you ask me what I am most proud of in this campaign is we have begun doing just that."

Read the whole article at: Sanders in Burlington: Trump must be defeated

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