08 June 2016

Where? How? Why? America.

Where are we at as a nation?
How do the rest of the world's nations view us?

This is an open letter to everyone who supports Senator Bernie Sanders, any Democrats, Republicans and also Independents who believe that they are left out and disenfranchised by the Democrats, Republicans and American politics in general.

If Americans want reform in our political system then the way to do it is by not allowing 4 years of Trump to spite the DNC. The way change comes about is thru REAL, TRUE activism. Americans (Red, Blue & Neutral) need to get off their collective asses at the local level and get out to vote, run for office and ensure that we never get to the point of this type of manipulation again. Americans became lazy, complacent and willfully ignorant to our political process and we are now reaping what we sowed. By not participating in your local, state and federal government (thru phone calls, personal visits, petitions - voicing your wants and desires of them), by allowing incumbents a free ride every re-election, by not voting in primaries and lower than federal level elections and by whining that you have no control over a rigged process you allowed the Trump/Clinton dichotomy to occur. The saying is "One Man, One Vote" and that is true but government is more than one vote every four years. The American people need to take stock of what is important to them and simple platitudes just won't cut it, screaming slurs at immigrants, woman and minorities won't cut it and sitting on your ass whining about how you had no choice this election season definitely won't cut it. You had more than one choice but you chose the easy one. The easy one brought grief. The hard choice is difficult because you have to work for the results but if I remember correctly this country and its major milestones were all born of hard choices and work.

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